Sunday School

Sunday School Starts at 10:00 am every Sunday.
We would be delighted for you to attend any one of our Sunday School Classes. 
Please feel free to contact the church if you have any questions on which classes would be most appropriate for your family. 
Nursery/Young Children:(Birth-Pre K)
Teacher: Lorraine Phillips
Mrs. Lorraine is extraordinarily patient and kind when it comes to caring for and teaching our children. Many of the children have come to love her just as much as she loves them. In this classroom, we focus on sharing the love of Jesus and begin introducing them to bible stories. You can rest assured that your babies will be well taken care of while you are able to enjoy your Sunday School class and Worship Service. 

Children's Class: (K-6th Grade)
Teacher: Martha Graves
Mrs. Martha is such a sweet soul. She adores the children and tries to find new and creative ways to teach each one of her bible lessons. This class focus' on teaching our children bible stories and helping them understand them and what they mean for us today. She is very patient with our children and does a very good job of explaining bible stories on a level our younger children can understand.

Youth Class: (7th-12th Grade)
Teacher: Jessica Casey Bennett
Ms. Jessica is the Pastors daughter and like all of our teachers she shares a special bond with all of the children in the church and really enjoys her time with each one of them, and they enjoy their time with her as well. The Youth Class is a little more in-depth than our children's classes, Ms. Jessica tries to explain subject areas and bible stories to our students on a level they understand and she takes time to hear what they have to say and how the word of God makes them feel and how it is relevant in their everyday lives. It's the perfect time for your teens to gather with others their age in a safe environment and spend time together while learning about Christ. Ms. Jessica works to guide your children in how to navigate the everyday trials they face in today's society and helps them to determine ways they can make good decisions on their own. 

Open Doors Class
Teacher: Sandra Casey

We would like to invite you to share in our time of Bible study and fellowship Sunday mornings at 9:30 am. We are a coed class for all ages and would love an opportunity to meet you. Come and join in praying for each other and studying Gods Word.


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